Interior Design Trends 2020

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Top Interior design trends for 2020

If you are considering renovating due to being stuck indoors for a while, perhaps the following trends might take your fancy. Below, I have tried to explain what the trend looks like and how to achieve each look along with beautiful examples [because who doesn’t like looking at beautiful interiors?].

Coastal decor living room with light timber furniture, light colour palette and natural materials
Source: Farmhouse Living

So, what are the interior design trends for 2020?

Below is a list of my top picks for 2020 which I am excited by. These looks can be easily created by you and I have tried to give tips on how to make them work and how you can achieve the look. 

1. Coastal Beach House

This style is light and airy with lots of texture and natural light. What differentiates this style from similar styles is the use of natural materials and coastal themed pieces. I’m not talking shells and coral, I’m thinking more rope, driftwood and jute. 

To achieve this look you will need:

  • A light and neutral palette. 
  • Natural materials such as jute, linen and wicker. 
  • Greenery to bring the outside in.
  • Light coloured timber furniture and flooring such as light oak, maple, birch or bamboo.
  • Lots of natural light.
Coastal decor dining room featuring a rope chandelier, light wooden floor and furniture and lots of natural light
Source: Fat Shack Vintage
Coastal Decor featuring light neutral palette, plants, natural materials and light wood furniture
Source: Domestic Blonde
Coastal Entry featuring light timber floor, shiplap ceiling, wicker lampshades and coastal artwork
Source: Timber Trails Homes

2. Modern farmhouse

Thanks to Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper, this trend has become huge and I think its here to stay for a while yet. Think rustic with a modern twist. A combination of practical yet beautiful items to create a well curated and cosy space. 

To achieve this look you will need: 

  • a neutral colour pallete (often contrasted with hints of black in the accessories). 
  • A mixture of textures such as wood, cotton, jute, exposed brick. 
  • Metals to contrast against the soft textured furnishings and neutral colour palette. This differentiates the farmhouse look from the coastal look. Farmhouse has a touch of industrial about it.
  • Vintage and hand-crafted pieces – practical yet stylish.
  • Greenery to soften and brighten the scheme and stop it looking too industrial.

This beautiful project below by Crisp Architects features a shiplap ceiling including exposed wooden beams, a neutral colour palette with hints of darker tones such as the dark framed windows and concrete bench tops.

The space is made up of practical and functional items which have been curated in a stylish way. Nothing is too over-the-top or unnecessary and everything works together to create a welcoming, cosy space to rest, cook or dine. 

Source: Crisp Architects
Modern Farmhouse living room with exposed timber roof trusses and shiplap walls
Source: Rustic Pallet
Modern Farmhouse Bedroom with metal bedframe, shiplap ceiling and walls, textured rug and throw
Source: Home Bunch

3. Maximalism

As a complete contrast to the coastal beach house and modern farmhouse trends, maximalist decor mixes eclecticism, colour and flamboyancy to create a fun and interesting interior. The key is to curate each area individually to avoid the whole scheme looking cluttered and messy. For example, take one side board at a time, carefully place your items ensuring the pieces work well together and then move on to the next. 

To achieve the Maximalist look you will need:

  • A flamboyant personality.
  • A collection of interesting decor pieces such as artwork, ornaments and furniture. 
  •  A mixture of patterns, textures and colours. 
  • Wallpaper is your friend.
  • A gallery wall or two (or three).
Maximalist decor featuring gallery wall, upcycled dresser and a mixture of patterns and textures
Source: Black Southern Belle
Maximalist interior trend by Sarah Parmenter featuring upcycled dresser and eclectic ornaments
Source: Sarah Parmenter via The Interior Editor
Maximalist powder room from Barlow & Barlow featuring floral wallpaper, porcelain sink and gold hardware
Source: Barlow & Barlow

5. Dark interiors

Swiftly becoming a very popular interior design trend, using dark colours in your home is a bold design choice that can pay off. From dark walls to dark kitchens to even dark ceilings, this  look can be very sophisticated but is not for the faint hearted. 

To achieve this look you will need:

  • To think carefully about lighting. You don’t want the space to feel like a dingy nightclub so careful consideration of where you put your lighting is a must. 
  • To include texture to soften the darkness. Natural wooden pieces work well to soften the darkness as does fur, velvet and greenery. 
  • White and metallic colours really pop with a dark backdrop and can look very glamorous.
Dark decor trend featuring black kitchen including feature lighting and wooden detailing to soften the darkness
Source: Contemporist
Dark decor trend featuring dark walls and ceiling mixed with soft gold velvet, plants and a chandelier for added glamour
Source: Lomas & Lomas
Dark living room featuring Victorian fireplace and hints of purple and metallics.
Source: The London Mother

Whichever style you choose, I would love to see your photos. Please email them to [email protected]. You can also share this post with others who you think would love to be inspired by beautiful interiors. 

Liana x

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