Interior Design Trends to Follow in 2020

  • Liana 
  • 2 min read

I can’t even believe I am saying this but next year is 2020. 2020!!! A brand-new decade is about to start. As for interior design trends to follow in the year 2020, I believe the following trends are set to be popular:

Healthy homes – Using healthy products in your interior construction is becoming popular. People are becoming more aware of the danger of using products containing chemicals and hazardous materials. For example, flat-pack furniture made from MDF contains formaldehyde which is known to cause cancer in rats. Some paints also contain VOCs which give off hazardous gases. Healthy products will definitely (and thankfully) be more common and popular next year.

Nature Inspired – a natural, calming and textured look will be popular for interiors. Think solid wood furniture; floral or plant-based murals and patterns (such as this peony mural); and soft furnishings in natural materials such as hessian, rattan, jute and organic cotton. Indoor plants are also here to stay with their proven health benefits.

Colour – the all grey interior is being phased out (hooray or boohoo-depending who you talk to) and interior designers are using colour to express themselves and create interest in rooms. Pink is set to be big and I’m sure there is a shade to suit everyone as there are so many lovely shades to choose from.

Dark Wood – moving away from the scandi light wood we have been seeing in recent years, dark timber is set to be on trend for next year. Jarrah and Teak are two gorgeous Australian dark timbers to watch out for along with Walnut and Dark Oak.

Eclectic Styling – express yourself! Styling items which look like you have collected them on your travels throughout your life is a big style tick for next year. This one is perfect for me as I have just shipped all my assortments from the UK to Australia and once they arrive, I will have so much fun reminiscing over each item and finding the m a new home. Nothing needs to be too ‘matchy, matchy’ with this trend, just collate items which mean something to you and look pretty.

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