Boho Bedroom

Optimized-Boho Room Design

Being a creative person, I love the Bohemian ‘boho’ interior design style. However, it is quite a hard scheme to pull off and can end up looking like a mis-match of items. I have some tips to help create a cohesive boho design and these are:

  • If you are going for a brightly coloured scheme, pick complementary colours. If you look at the colour wheel below, you will see purple complements yellow, blue complements orange and red complements green.
  • If you are going to use one staple colour, you could use  colours next to each other on the colour wheel for a more calming look (perfect for a relaxing bedroom).
  • Don’t be afraid of mixing textures and patterns. Ethnic style prints are great for creating that Boho look.
  • Use natural materials such as wood, cotton and jute to create an authentic bohemian vibe.
Complementary Colours
Boho Bedroom

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