8 Ways to Create a Cosy Home

I am currently torn between buying winter items and summer items. We are off to Australia in a couple of weeks so I am currently buying the kids’ summer clothes but on the other hand buying winter items to make our home feel cosier as it has been snowing here in the UK. Summer here still feels a long way off.

I thought I would share with you some items I have had my eye on and some tips on how to make your own home cosier. Here are my top eight

  1. A soft blanket – no-one can resist snuggling up in a nice soft blanket. These chunky giant wool yarn blankets are super on-trend right now. If you are feeling creative, try this DIY one from Lauren Aston (but don't worry, she also sells ready-made ones) Laura Aston at notonthehighstreet.com - from £115
  2. An armchair – nothing sounds more relaxing to me than sitting in a comfortable armchair, reading a good book covered in a soft blanket. This dark blue Orson Armchair by Julian Joseph from Wayfair fits the bill perfectly. Wayfair - £395.99
  3. Mood Lighting – A well-positioned lamp is key to creating a cosy space. A stand-alone floor lamp arching over the armchair such as this one from Matalan will provide good light for reading.Matalan - £60
  4. Candles – Following on from the theme of mood lighting, candles will always create a cosy and romantic feel to any room. These soy candles from Australian company Mystique & Co are beautiful (from $10AUD). Mystique and Co - from $10.00 (AUSD)
  5. Cushions, cushions, cushions – don’t you just love them?! The variety of patterns and textures available is mind-blowing. My top picks for a cozy room include a Macramé cushion (£12.00) and velour cushions from Matalan (£6.00 each). Matalan Home - from £6.00
  6. A rug – A good quality rug can transform any room. For ultimate cosiness, try this one faux Sheepskin rug from Dunelm - £69.99
  7. A flower arrangement – OK so these don’t necessarily add cosiness, but I just love to add some pretty flowers to any room. This peony and rose arrangement from Dunelm is beautiful Dunelm - £40
  8. Artwork – Often overlooked, a statement piece of artwork can complete a room. I love looking on Etsy or Instagram for original designs. Here is one of my favourites by Ros Shiers to create a cozy room. RosShiers at Etsy - £24.00

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